What we do

Riviera Real Estate understands that when it comes to selling your property, you want to sell at the highest possible price, within the lowest possible time and at the lowest cost and we are dedicated to ensure that you achieve these goals.

We cater to both Buyers and Sellers who are looking for that personal and professional approach to their Real Estate experience.

Riviera Real Estate continues to develop strongly, with a focus on constantly delivering professional services to our clients to enhance the effectiveness of the sales process. We are proud of what we do and take every measure to make your sale or purchase as memorable as we can.

Successfully buying and selling real estate is mostly about fulfilling people's needs and aspirations. That's why at Riviera, we are committed to building meaningful and genuine personal relationships with our clients. The high volume of referrals and repeat business generated is proof that this works to everyone's satisfaction.

Riviera Real Estate has proven that experience, hard work, honesty and integrity are the key ingredients to success. Our aim is to provide our clients with a positive experience that they will want to talk to their friends, family and colleagues about. Our aim is to have clients for life.With a knowledge of market trends and a depth of experience, our team can help to clarify the value of your property.

If you're thinking of selling, and would like one of our professional and friendly Sales Representatives to appraise and prepare a Comparable Market Analysis Report specifically for your property simply call our office on 9712 8887 and we will start saving you money!

Nobody knows Riviera, like Riviera Real Estate.